Office Hours

We realise that a lot of our clients trade evenings and weekends, and if a disaster is going to happen, it will be outside of normal office hours

There are multiple options and systems in place to assist you

The right one for you will depend upon your needs

While we offer 24/7 support, get us out of a comfortable bed and conditions will apply

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Whether or not the office is attended is not always dependent upon the day or the time

As a general rule, our offices are attended weekdays between 9am and 5pm WST

Excluding public holidays

Please call ahead and we will happily schedule an appointment

(08) 9331 3549

Your call is handled differently depending on date, time and your selection

Please listen carefully to the prompts and make accurate choices

If asked to leave a message, please be precise and clear. Your message will be sent as email so we can gauge a priority to call you back

(08) 9331 3549

Always monitored during business hours

Often monitored after hours

We like a lot of detail as it helps assign a priority to your email

We also receive these emails on our mobiles, so don't be surprised when we respond after hours or on weekends

Did you notice our Contact Us Webform ?

While a Work in Progress, this will be an exciting addition enabling our valued clients to access an invaluable online resource

  • Guides
  • FAQs
  • Videos
  • Manuals
  • Downloads

Building this resource is a long term goal that will rely heavily on user input

Check out the forums