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1998 Petropos Services Pty Ltd

After gaining many years of experience with service and installation for the fuel industry, Kirt started a small company called Petropos

Petropos were the Western Australian ONQ Representatives and provided Caltex Tier2 Support

1998 Till Choice Australia

Provided cash registers with a fuel industry leaning

This led to the development of a fuel interface for MYOB Retail Manager

Petropos / Till Choice also did a lot of work for Peak, Gull and independents

This was mainly around ensuring EFPECs, 8850s, etc were not going to get hit by the "Y2K Bug"


By 2000, OscarPOS Software was well in development for the hotel and catering industry

Services for the fuel industry and cash registers were still the core of the business

2001 O'connor

Petropos / Till Choice move into offices in Stockdale Road, O'Connor

2004 MKM Technology Solutions Pty Ltd

A company was formed in 2004 to bring the seemingly disparate "arms" under one banner

2007 Pos 'n' Till Choice

A business name, more reflective of the current offering, was adopted

OscarPOS Software was making inroads into other industries with the release of RTM1

2011 Burswood

POS 'N' Till choice move into offices on Great eastern Highway, Burswood

2012 Oscar Point of Sale Solutions

Cash registers are by now a very small part of the companies offering

The decision is made to concentrate on POS systems

OscarPOS Software is now approaching maturity with installations in bars, pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants, sporting venues, service stations, etc

2015 Bibra Lake

A decision is made to retire the older names and identities

The company moves to Bibra Lake and begins the process of branding

2016 The Right Solution for You

The POS market is ever changing, especially with the advent of new technologies

OscarPOS Software always has and always will be internally "hosted" at the clients premises

To meet the calling for online solutions, OscarPOS technicians have been gaining accreditation with alternate POS software

There are pros and cons for these different platforms and solutions

Being able to offer you the right solution is what OscarPOS takes pride in

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