OscarPOS for Fruit & Veg

OscarPOS for Fruit & Veg

Especially designed for fruit and veg stores, OscarPOS combines fast graphical touch screens with the latest in scan and scale technology.

OscarPOS Fruit n Vege - Large Uncluttered Interface

Large and uncluttered Touscreen interface

OscarPOS Interfaces with Magellan Scanner Scale Combination

OscarPOS will integrate with the Magellan series of quality Scanner and Scale Combinations

OscarPOS Fruit N Vege - Big Clear Graphical Images

Big, Clear, Configurable buttons for fast sale processing

Capable of handling very high transaction frequencies, staff can scan, weigh and ring up items in an instant, enabling outstanding productivity and increased efficiency at point of sale.

OscarPOS Fruit N Vege - Multiple Promos to a Schedule

Many different type of Promotional schemes can be set up in OscarPOS. You can turn them on and off automatically using the scheduler. Promotions are continually updated in the sale window.

OScarPOS is NMI Approved

NMI Aproval is a method of determining the quality, reliability and legality of measuring and weighing equipment used to serve the public in Australia. OscarPOS is approved by the Federal Government for use in all Australian States and Territories.

OscarPOS will help you keep track of inventory stock, automate purchase orders, determine best and worst sellers, use Gift Cards and loyalty plans, and manage your employees’ hours.

OscarPOS is a fully integrated and real-time point of sale system keeping you up-to-date with everything you need to make better, more informed, business decisions.

With increased efficiency and organisation both on the floor and behind the counter OscarPOS helps you maximise your profitability.

You have the security of a local support team to look after both your hardware and software.

24/7/365 support platforms and our Remote access capability makes sure your POS systems are fully operational and up to date at all times.

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